My Services - Mis Servicios

At my place - En mi casa por 60 Euros

At my place in a very private and safe apartment and for only 60 euros for an hour of massage.

En mi casa, con toda la privacidad. Un espacio tranquilo y limpio, desde sólo 60 euros una hora por un masaje completo.

Yours - En la tuya por 80 euros

At your Hotel or apartment I can go there to massage you for 80 euros.

Con toda la comodidad que ello representa. Sin tener que moverte de tu hotel o tu casa, yo me desplazo.


Sometimes I visit other cities in Europe, just let me know your location and I can share my schedule with you.

Skills - Cualidades

Massage in Madrid by masseur with many skills Professional massage therapist and developer of different Massage apps. I studied anatomy and physiology as well as different massage technics.